Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yum & CLear

Yesterday was a big day.

Thanks to the wonderful preparation and coaching of my next door neighbor I shot my first deer.
Well, precisely, that would be my first two deer. I got a 6-point buck and a button buck. Not bad for the first time out in about 25 years and my first deer ever!

To celebrate I pulled a small glass of the English Bitter that's in the secondary to have with dinner.
The brew is 3 weeks old, with the last 10 in the secondary. Wow! It's really getting clear!
I had originally, meaning before even brewing, to add gelatin as a fining a few days before bottling. Now I don't think that that will be necessary with almost two more weeks to go in the secondary.
I think it could be bottled now if I wanted. But I'm sticking to the original plan; less the gelatin.

I thought it tasted pretty darn good.

The wife wasn't quite as happy with it. Not sure if her taster was off or if it being flat affected her perception.

It's going to be some good drinking!!

I'm quite pleased.

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